12 Steps to Stage Zero (July 29, 2017)

“Capture moments, store memories, fill up your spirit” By Mau Aguasin Choosing to see the beauty in everyday is key...
12 Steps to Stage Zero (July 29, 2017)

“Capture moments, store memories, fill up your spirit”

By Mau Aguasin

Choosing to see the beauty in everyday is key to building up a positive perspective. Starting small by recognizing the beauty in your day-to-day blessings is a big step — a step towards a more positive outlook, and training your mind to focus on things we choose to be grateful for.

Capturing the little miracles of our day-to-day lives is made easier with the advancements of our smartphones. Knowing the basic skills and developing them through practice is a fun activity, not to mention a great tool to enhance ones’ creativity and awareness; to redirect our focus on beautiful blessings in the long run.


Capturing moments with our smartphones not only adds to our Happiness Bank, but is also – when shared – a good way to share the joy through easy online/social media sharing.

Sharing beautiful photographs have gone beyond our indulgent personal agendas (we are more than selfie masters, now) as we may not realize how much our social media contributions can touch the people we are connected to. We influence each other (consciously or unconsciously) through our daily Facebook and Instagram Feeds.



Smartphone Photography 101 is a session dedicated to teach not only the basic skills of photography but how to see and present things more creatively and effectively. A step to de-cluttering our visuals and focus better on the message of a moment, we relieve stresses we don’t even realize we are feeding our bodies, minds and spirits.

As we frame our perspectives (in this case, photographs) to see the real moments and direct messages, we save ourselves from unnecessary information/details and we give ourselves a clear direction on what to look at, see and store in our hearts.


Our minds are programmed simple. We become what we feed it. We feed it negativity; we become negative. We feed it good memories; we become grateful. For some, looking away from the darkness of circumstances have been their comfort, but there is a way where we can all end up empowered by confrontation. Confronting and battling all the unnecessary with a solid perspective built to see the good things. Gratefulness for family, love, joy, passion, gifts, chances, hope. Leaving no room for its old friends – fear, doubt, isolation and denial.

Choosing to see the joy in your everyday saves more than yourself when shared.


Fill up your spirit with a perspective focused and framed to all the blessings and little miracles. Take shots of moments, store good memories and compose a spirit filled with curated beautiful photographs to look back on your camera rolls.

Through smartphone photography, we’ll look forward to better experiences, moments and impact on people. Who knows, we may touch more hearts and uplift more spirits.

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