Cancer Types, Signs & Symptoms

Most Common Cancers

13% – Lung Cancer

12% – Breast Cancer [most commonly for women]

9.7% – Colorectal Cancer

7.9% – Prostate Cancer [for men only]


Signs and Symptoms

The most telltale sign of cancer are the presence of unusual tumors or lumps. It is easy when the lump is superficial, or detectable through skin, either by touch or visual.

Cancer is almost impossible to detect when the abnormal cells first begin to appear. Symptoms arise more only as the mass or tumor grows. Cancer is sometimes nicknamed a “great imitator”, for several of the symptoms are mistakenly attributed to other diseases.

Symptoms will usually depend on the location of the cancer. For instance, tumors in the lungs will make it harder to breathe. A mass in the intestines may affect bowel movement.

Other common symptoms regardless of where the cancer is located include fever, extreme tiredness and weight loss. This may be because of the energy the cells are sapping, as well as the weakening immune system.